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Sathya Sai Baba hast stated that He is Shiva/Shakti: the masculine and feminie aspects of the Lord in One Human Form, as the aforementioned definition of His Name implies. A dramatic illustration of the Truth of this statement came in 1963.

On Saturday, the 29th of June, Baba took on Himself a paralytic stroke as well as two major heart attacks of a devotee who would not have survived the illness. The night before the stroke and heart attacks, Baba had told His close devotees that He would not be giving any interviews for a week. Throughout the entire episode Baba refused all medication, frustrating the doctors in attendance in their efforts to give Him any injections or oral medication.

On the fourth day following the initial attack, He told His devotees (as best He could as His speech was totally slurred, the entire left side of His Body and Face having been paralyzed):

"This will last five days in all. Tomorrow, the pain will be less. I had two heart attacks, these three days. You must have heard the groans. No one else could have survived."

The doctors' diagnosis verified Sai's own analysis of His physical state, including the presence of a large blood clot in the brain. The following day Sai appeared to have died as His Feet and Palms became cold and His breathing virtually stopped. Four horus later, He apparently came back into His Body again and revived. But that night two more heart attacks racked His Body in pain. The next morning, a Thursday--the sixth day of the episode--as per His own prophecy, the heart attacks ceased and the pain lessened. But His entire left side was still completely paralyzed.

Two days later--Saturday, the 6th of July--was a major festival day: Guru Pournima, the festival held in honor of Gurus or Teachers, especially those who teach Spiritual Truths. A massive crowd of at least 5000 had gathered in the Prayer Hall for it had been announced the day before that Sai would be appearing there for the first time since the paralytic stroke and heart attacks.

When Sai was carried down and placed in His chair in the front of the Prayer Hall, an audible gasp, which turned into a massive wail of grief, rose spontaneously from the crowd, seeing Him in this pitiable state. Even the bravest among the crowd wept aloud. Then Sai relayed the following to the crowd through one of His devotees (who had been with Him from the moment the stroke first struck Him--Prof. N. Kasturi):

"Do not grieve! This is not My ailment. This is an ailment I have taken over. I can never fall ill; No, never. Do not feel dispirited. If you lose heart, it will pain Me."

Sai motioned for some water, which was brough in a glass. His palsied right hand tried grasping it, but slipped. Then, after being helped to sip a little, He placed His right fingers into the water and sprinkled it over His limp left hand and then over His paralyzed left leg. Then with both hands He stroked the left leg, and suddenly stood up!

"Premaswaroopalaara! Embodiments of Divine Love!" He suddenly called out to those gathered there, clear as a bell and as strong as ever! The crowd was stunned, unable to believe their own eyes! In a matter of a few seconds Sai had completely cured Himself! All evidence of the previous paralysis had disappeared. The crowd went wild with joy, leaping, crying, dancing and praising God who was standing before them in physical form!

Sai continued His discourse, saying:

"For him who has no refuge, God is the refuge. That is the reason I had to take on this disease that one forlorn Bhaktha (devotee) was to suffer from. He would not have survived it, nor could he come through the four heart attacks I took on. My Dharma--My Divine Duty--is Bhaktharakshana (Granting succour or running to the aid of devotees9. I had o rescue him.

"Of course, this is not the first time I have taken on the illness of those I want to save. Even in the previous Divine Body at Shirdi, I had this responsibility. This is My Leela (Divine Play); My Nature. It is part of the Task for which I have come."

Indee, this is not the only instance where Sathya Sai Baba has taken on the illness of a True devotee of God. It has happened innumerable times and includes the taking on of typhoid fever, gastric pain, a bleeding ear, the mumps and a burst appendix, the last ailment leaving doctors absolutely stunned.

After the doctors had verified that the appendix had burst, they quickly made arrangements to rush Sai to a hospital to try and save His Life. Within minutes of the appendx bursting, they were stunned to see Sai standing again completely free of pain, preparing to go sing bhajans (devotional songs to the Lord) at a gathering of devotees! When they reexamined Him, they found His appendix was completely whole! In fact, the aforementioned illnesses and miraculous cures have all been documented by competent medical doctors, who were in attendance during the events.

In relation to this particularly long empathic illness, Sai explained:

"Someone asked Me wether it was right on My part to plunge thousands into grief, in order to rescue one. Such numerical calculations cannot apply to accts of Grace!"

Sai added that though the illness could have been "negated" altogether without the eight day dramy, there were other reasons for seeing the illness through its eight day course. For one thing it was a dramatic way of illustrating the Divine Power that He is the embodiment of; it was a "Proclamation of Divinity". In addition, as Sai explained:

"You must count another benefit too, though you may not be aware of it. I know to what depths your devotion to Me reached, as a result of this 'illness' during these eight days. You would not have achieved that single-pointed meditation on Me, even during years of Tapas (Worship)."

The incident also helped to open the hearts of those who witnessed His "illness", bringing forth their own compassion in much the same manner as did Christ's suffering on the cross.

Lastly, it was the Perfect way of announcing Himself as Siva/Shakti: the masculine and feminine aspects of God in One Divine Human Form. For, as Sai explained later, it was the "feminine" side of the body (the left side, which is controlled by the right hemisphere of the rain--the "feminine" side of the brain, according to scientists) that was paralyzed. It was cured by the "masculine" side (the righ side) of th body thorugh the sprinkling of a few drops of water. This action of healing, restoring the literal loss of balance on the feminine side of the body, is precisely the Purpose for which the Avatar has come at this time, according to Hopi and Buddhist beliefs.

For, Mother Nature, the feminie aspect of the Godhead, is currently totally out of balance due to man's misuse and abuse of the environment.

Sai has incarnated in a physically masculine body, and has stated that one of the main reasons He has come at this time is to restore the terrible imbalance in Nature. How? Through His educational programs, reforestation projects and other seva or service oriented activities. Thus we can see that the Lord certainly has come as both masculine and feminine this time! Baba's declaration of being Siva/Shakti in One Human Body and His muraculous cure of His feminine half (symbolically representing the restoration of the balance of Mother Nature) fulfills the prophecies depicted on the Hopi petroglyph, and that final comon prophecy of the Hopis and the Buddhists: that is, during the Great Purification period, the Divine Being empodying the Perfect Balance of the masculine and dfeminine aspects of God will restore the balance between the masculine and feminine aspects of Nature and humanity.


In addition, we can see how prophetic the discovery of the East Indian Sri Yantra Mantra etched into the ground in the Desert Southwest USA was. For, the Perfect Balance of masculine and feminine (as the symbol represents) has manifested in an East Indian human form: the Word made Flesh--the AUM--GOD (G for Generating Principle, O for Organizing Principle, D for Destroying Principle)--the Word of Truth--has come.