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"A young man in the interview room had the shoulder-length hair fashionable at the time. After teasing him for looking like a woman, Baba advised him to get it cut. 'Will You cut the first lock, Swami?', asked the young man adoringly. Baba shook His head in mock horror, 'I am Baba, not Barber!' He said.

Chocolates for Mother

There was one person by name Mr. Hariharan working in the Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Prasanthi Nilayam. He used to celebrate his birthday by taking one Kg. of chocolate to Swami, which Swami will throw to the devotees assembled there, as His blessings to one and all. This is because Swami celebrates each and every devotee's birthday as His own birthday and that is why he threw chocolates. Hariharan was doing this for a number of years, ever since he came to Swami. He has his mother.

A few years back, when Hariharan´s birthday came, as usual he purchased one Kg. of chocolate and was to take the same to Swami. At that time his mother told him that why he is wasting money to buy so much chocolate and is it not enough if he just buys 1/4 Kg. Hariharan said that he is following the procedure every year and he will do so this year also.

Then he took the plate containing the chocolates and went and sat with the students in the verandah. Usually those boys who celebrate their birthday are given preference to sit in the front line on the verandah facing swami's room, so that Swami will come out and bless the students first before going to darshan line. In those days Swami used to emerge from the interview room for darshan also.

Hariharan sat in the middle where two other boys sat on either side of him awaiting Swami's arrival. They too carried chocolates. Swami came out, first went to the boy sitting on the left side of Hariharan, blessed him and threw the chocolates around. He smiled at Hariharan and without touching his chocolate went to the boy sitting on his right side, blessed the student, threw the chocolates and straight away went for the darshan line to bless devotees. Hariharan was disappointed but patiently held the position in the hope Swami will bless him when he returns to the room, after darshan. Swami came back to the verandah after darshan, gave a look at Hariharan and then took one handful of chocolates from each of the students who were sitting on his sides, threw the same into the plate of chocolates held by Hariharan and told him in Tamil " Unga Amma Kitte kondu poi kodu" - meaning give the chocolates to your Mother. Hariharan was amazed how Swami came to know of the dialogue between him and his mother and was shedding tears .Swami told him that His blessings are always there whether one brings chocolates or not. This is one of the many episodes of humor in Swami. He is so nice even in humor which we should all emulate.

S. Sangaranarayanan

The Mantra

Many years ago Kasturi was with Baba at Benares and was consumed by the desire to receive a Mantra from Swami. Having mentioned this to Baba, he bathed himself in the sacred waters of the Ganges and fasted all morning to receive it. But the morning hours passed. Noon came. But no Mantra! He confessed that by this time he shed tears of disappointment. Then horror of horrors, lunch time came, and he was seated right next to Swami. 'Kasturi, why aren't you eating?' Asked Baba, assuming innocence. 'The Mantra...' began the miserable Kasturi, swallowing a sob. 'What is the purpose of a Mantra?' Swami asked. 'To get closer to the Lord,' Kasturi replied.

Baba looked down at Kasturi's arm and then at His own. They were almost touching. 'Well,' He smiled in His divinely down-to-earth way, 'How much closer do you want to get?'