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These quotations are taken from the Sai Dictionary of Quotations and put together in a very pleasing interview form, a collaborative work of 36 Sainet devotees.

Q: Swami, why was I born?

Sai: For what purpose were you born? (1) Man has been sent into the world ... to realize the truth that he is not man, but God. The wave dances with the wind, basks in the sun, frisks in the rain, imagining it is playing on the breast of the sea; it does not know that it is the sea itself. Until it realizes the truth, it will be tossed up and down; when it knows it, it can lie calm and col-lected, at peace with itself. (2)

Q: How am I God, Swami? I am a human being with a human body.

Sai: You are in this body, in this recep-tacle, ... to realize the God you really are. This body is the cocoon that you have spun round [yourself], by means of your im-pulses and desires. Use it to grow wings so that you can escape from it! (3)

Q: Do I have to reach God?

Sai: All creatures have to reach God. (4) It is the destiny of man to journey from human-ness to divinity, as he has already journeyed from animal-ness. (5) Some may ascend a plane, others may travel by car or board a bus, some may prefer a train journey, others may like to trudge along – but all must reach the goal, some day or other. (6)

Q: But, Swami, where will I find Him?

Sai: [The] Divine Principle is the very core of man. ... It is the source of strength which is unfailing and ir-resistible. ... The Divine is here before you, behind you, inside you, outside you; the Intelligence through which you can recognize. (7)

Q: I'm sure I could find God if I lived here at Prasanthi Nilayam, with You.

Sai: The community in which you find yourself is the arena where you can win the victory, the gymnasium where you develop the skill to win. (8)

Q: But why must I stay in such an unhappy world, where I too am un-happy?

Sai: You [learn] by the experience of the buffeting of the World. The World is a very essential part of the curricu-lum of man. (9)

The ... world is like a hotel to which we have come to experience the consequences of our actions in the past. The body is a room in the hotel in which we have to undergo the Karmic consequences. (10)

Q: When I am home, many things distract me. I don't often think of finding God.

Sai: Without trying to discover the Di-vinity that is in the human form, people are wasting their lives. If you examine the great scriptures of the world, you will find that they all emphasize the supreme precious-ness of being able to discover one's Divine nature, without which one cannot achieve real bliss. Man seeks worldly pleasures and pros-perity but does not seek that inner Divinity which will give him perma-nent happiness. (11)

Q: But, Swami, isn't it a long way?

Sai: You have got to go a long way. But do not be down-hearted. (12) I have come to guide [you]. (13) I am ... ready to help you from the first lesson to the last. (14)

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