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As is the Food

As is the Food so is the Head


I am reproducing a portion of Swami's Answer for Question No: 140 of SATHYOPANISHAD. This question is regarding the food regulations to be observed.

As is the food so are the emotions.
As are the emotions so are the thoughts
AS are the thoughts so are the deeds
As are the deeds so are the results.

So, for everything food is the basis. Regulations in food is important. FOOD, HEAD AND GOD will be in the same line.

As is the Food , so is the Head and as is the head so is God. Moderate intake of food is very important. Excessive eating will cause mental disturbance and also increase Thamo Guna (Ignorance).

" Eka Buktham Yogi" Eating once a day makes you a Yogi.
"Dwi Buktham Bhogi" Eating twice a day makes you a pleasure lover.
"Tri Buktham Rogi" Eating thrice a day makes you a sick person.

When you take Satwic food, the Mind also becomes Satwic. When you take Rajasic food, it creates Mental turbulance and turmoil. EATING MEAT GEENRATES THAMO GUNA. ANIMAL TENDENCIES ARE GENERATED BY EATING MEAT. Violence, overpowering others, evil deeds, evil propensities etc are caused by eating thamasic food. This kind of food creates similar mentality. For proper food, four things are important.

Purity of ingredients - " Padarta Suddhi "
Purity Of Cooking - " Pagha Suddhi "
Purity of Containers used for cooking - " Patra Suddhi"
( Mental ) Purity of persons doing the Cooking - " Bhava Suddhi "

Eating Meat

"The great sage Yagnavalkya, in his Yagnavalkyasmiti stated that three ghastly crimes are committed by slaughtering animals for the sake of eating their flesh. These are:

    the taking of innocent life;

    the infliction of pain on the innocent animal during the process of killing it; and

    the crime of depriving the animal of its strength through slaughtering it.

Punishment for all three crimes entails twenty rebirths characterised by

    premature and painful death in the first;

    pain ,suffering and unhappiness, including family feuds, anxiety and tensions in the second;

    poor health in which the life of the person concerned will be wasted away,in the third."

From: INDIRA RADHAN.SS MAY 1996 P 131-133. Compendium.

Swami had told us students in one of our interviews. "Meat inculcates demonic qualities. These thoughts enter into you and you also start behaving in a similar manner." Swami then told this phrase in Hindi - "Jaise Ann Vaise Mann." This means - "As is the food so is the thought".

Swami then continued -" Today man gets angry very quickly. What is the reason? This is because all his senses are spoilt due the bad food. Some eat the meat of goat , sheep, etc. Therefore lathargic quality or laziness haunts them."

Then Swami made a grand statement - He said - "The fundamental cause of YOUR bad thoughts IS YOUR FOOD ."So let us get the hint from Swami and completely stop eating meat. On another occassion when Swami was talking to us students privately He said - " I do not want anything from you girls and boys but follow 3 things always - 1. Never Drink. 2. Don't Smoke and 3. Stop eating Meat."

Sairam, Bhuvana

"Calling themselves Sai devotees or devotees of Ram or Krishna, they fatten on chickens. How can they be deemed Sai devotees? How can God accept such a person as a devotee? Therefore, whether they are devotees in India or outside, THEY SHOULD GIVE UP FROM THIS INSTANT MEAT EATING…..those who aspire to become true devotees of God have to give up meat, liquor and smoking." Swami, Sanathana Sarathi, 1994, p 315.

"The animals cry and weep when they are being killed." Swami, SSAL p 132.

"There is another spiritual reason. When you kill an animal you give him suffering, pain, harm. God is in every creature, so how can you give such pain? Sometimes when someone beats a dog he cries, he feels so much pain. How much more pain then in killing. Animals did not come for the purpose of supplying food to human beings. They came to work out their own life in the world." Swami, CWSSB P 19.

"How can you call yourselves devotees of Sai or Rama, or Krishna, when you kill animals? Those people are real demons. Such people never get the grace of God. So whoever they are, whether Indians or from other countries, they should follow Swami' s command. Give up eating meat now!" Swami, SSN, Spring, 1995, p 33.

"You may reply the animal was killed by the butcher. That is incorrect; it is only because you are eating them that animals are being killed. If you stop eating animals, then no one will butcher them to sell in the market." Swami, SSN Spring, 1995, p 16.

Collected by Tony O'Clery

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